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20% All Purpose Eco Friendly Vinegar / Acetic Acid (5 Litre)

20% All Purpose Eco Friendly Vinegar / Acetic Acid (5 Litre)

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All Purpose Eco Friendly Vinegar HOME & GARDEN


Whether you want a powerful indoor or outdoor cleaner,

You can trust  20% All Purpose Eco Friendly Vinegar Home & Garden to get the job done. One bottle of vinegar can replace a whole cabinet’s worth of various  products. Not only will you feel better about what you're using around your home and garden, but you will also see great results.


  • Organic
  • AMAZINGLY MULTI-PURPOSE — Use vinegar in your inside and outdoors.
  • STRONGER THAN REGULAR WHITE VINEGAR — 4x more concentrated than traditional 5% white vinegar. Use with discretion, product should be diluted with water to create a gentler formula.Not for human consumption.
  • PURE FORMULA — Made with corn, which is distilled into corn. The mixture is then fermented and put through a filtration process to create vinegar. Contains no dyes or chemicals. Free of additives.


Indoor Uses

  • Remove and deodorize carpet stains
  • Boost your laundry detergent
  • Clean the inside of your washer
  • Get rid of soap scum and limescale
  • Clean your microwave, oven, and refrigerator
  • Polish chrome, stainless steel, and metal
  • Clear out your drain (with baking soda)
  • Wipe down windows and mirrors
  • Clean your shower and bathtub (with baking soda and dish soap)
  • Remove hard water deposits in your showerhead
  • Remove and deodorize yellow underarm stains on shirts
  • Renew wood surfaces/Remove water rings (pair with orange oil)
  • Clean out your coffee maker


Outdoor Uses

  • Adjust the pH of soil
  • Brighten up masonry
  • Clean windshield wipers
  • Clean clay pots
  • Remove rust from garden tools
  • Clean off bird droppings
  • Wipe off patio furniture
  • Clean lawn mower blades
  • Clean your deck
  • Keep frost off your car’s windshield
  • Remove water spots from your boat hull
  • Clean your grill grate (pair with baking soda)



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